When travelling photographers sang Saare Jahan Se Achha

In the previous post on World Photography day, I shared how our trip to the lesser known Lahaul-Spiti, inspired The Better Half Production (my husband Yeashu and I) and the Photo Commune to knit something special.

Here’s the video followed by what made it unique.

Watch 45 seconds of a choir of photographers on an infectious musical adventure:

Straight from an experienced travel photographer, Mr. Idris Ahmad, the idea was to offer a small tribute to our motherland which allows us to travel across a huge range of breathtaking landscapes, all without a single visa stamp.

While we were at it, simple things felt larger than life, specially the 5 below:

  1. A small hotel room provided for the first voice recording by Photo Commune members  

(Yes, The Better Half Production – TBHP, specially Yeashu was crazy enough to carry enough recording equipment. Like I shared in the last post– we wanted to be prepared for sounds of paradise). The hospitable and always booked, Sakya Abode at Kaza, provided for our recording location.

2. The graceful Head Lama of Komik Gompa (monastery), Meme Nawang Tashi sang with us at the monastery.

At 15050 ft above sea, the Gompa at Komik, is the world’s highest monastery where monks reside all round the year. Komik village inhabits a population of 114 🙂 Imagine!

3. We took position with the towering hoodoos of Dhankar, in the background.

Here, we befriended Liad and Maayan, fellow-trekkers from Israel who were absolutely smitten by Spiti. And we were smitten by the duo, for these quick learners managed to learn the song and joined us in the frame.

4. We also sang at the feet of the characteristic Budhha statue that sits atop and blesses Langza village.

The fossil-picking children of the village playfully joined us to sing a song we all knew 🙂

5. Setting of the final frame- Us and Chandra Taal.

What seems like a few calm seconds in the video were actually quite contrary. Sadly or gladly, the true experience is intact with just us; singing with the blizzard-like wind beating against our faces and piercing through the nerves, was pure thrill. We felt dramatically patriotic (did you miss the tri-colour t-shirt and the saffron cap on Yeashu? Watch again, for he bravely took his sweat-shirt off for 60 seconds or so)

No doubt that made for the perfect end, an experience we’d like to go back to again and again and urge travellers to not miss it. Like they say in Israel, Spiti?! Khhovaa!!! (meaning- Spiti?! You have to go there!!!)


One thought on “When travelling photographers sang Saare Jahan Se Achha

  1. I am happy for the entire episode of you people going along with Photo Commune ( Eddy ) and rest of the friends you discovered . You discovered on your own to see mother nature`s bliss ,and tried to capture the magic in words as well as in your small I-phone camera ,but for me more important is rediscovered your self too bless you . Don`t let this craving die . And as per your blog , explained beautifully.

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