2 Saturdays: One for a Daughter, One for a Son

womens day article by shivangini yeashu yuvraj

In the picture, who do you see rising with the Sun- a child, a daughter or a son? It’s a son according to a mother of a proud daughter. (picture source).

Last Saturday, I finally visited Hazrat Nizamuddin Dargah. I was looking forward to my first visit. Every nook and corner of the compound was laden with fragrant floral decorations and it felt blissful to be there amidst the euphoric sounds of the qawwali by Nizami Bandhu. I was curious to know if this size of decorations and celebrations was a usual one or was there an occasion that day.

After much probing, I discovered that the decorations and celebrations of the evening were sponsored by a family who was blessed with a baby girl. They believed that their ‘mannat’ was granted as they had been praying at the Dargah for a baby girl for many years. What a rare thing to hear and lovely indeed!

However, this Saturday, while getting her pedicure done, this woman next to me, found enough topics to talk about and stay engaged. She gave a passing advice to the woman who runs the parlour and has 2 daughters, “Ab aur bachhe mat karna”.

Then, turning to me, she said, “Vaise ek ladka toh zaroori chahiye”, starting an interesting conversation this time.

I reacted, “Kyun?”

Woman: “Ab ek toh chahiye hi na!”, as if stating the obvious.

I: “Koi toh reason hoga? Jab tak ladka nahi hoga, bachhe karte jao?”

Woman: “Baap ka naam aur vansh aage badhaane ke liye toh ladka hi chahiye. Pehle toh test karaa ke pata kar lete the. Ab toh sakti ho gayi hai”. She said this in an absolutely candid breath as if the basis for the ban on prenatal sex determination was out of her comprehension.

I: “Ab toh bahaut ladkiyan shaadi ke baad name change nahin karti. Baap ka naam hi toh chala rahi hain!”

Woman: “Tum ladkiyan toh ye hi kahogi!”

Ironically, this woman is a proud mom of a doctor daughter who is pursuing advanced studies after getting married. She told me with shoulders high, “Meri beti Fortis mein lagi hai!”

Oddly, she could not see me in the eyes when I asked her about her son. Looking at the wall behind me, she said, “Beta mera..a..aa..pilot hai. Mujhe bhi VLCC wala pedicure chahiye”, she ordered the person on duty.


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