Could the Indian National Anthem played at the ICC CWC 2015, do justice to its original aesthetic richness?

Indian National Anthem, ICC CWC 2015, commentary by shivangini yeashu yuvraj

modified from: commons dot wikimedia dot org

This might not seem like the most important point during the most sacred event in progress, in Adelaide, India vs Pakistan. As I write, we’re at a 293 for 4 at 48.2 overs. The Indian team seems to be in full form and I know that is all that matters. Yet, what is boomeranging in my head is the Indian National Anthem that I heard before the players hit the pitch. I don’t know how significant is it to everyone, specially at this moment when we have lost 2 more wickets and struggling for a 300 runs score. We’re almost there. Oh…another wicket down. Clearly, I’m pretty distracted while writing this.

However, coming to the point- mine is a shared concern addressed to the curation team responsible for the airing of this version of Jan Gan Man

(Disclaimer: I wish the embedding here was helpful to most of us, but, Star Sports India has blocked it in India due to copyright issues. Hoping it plays for some of you in other parts of the globe).

Dear ‘Whoever chose the Indian National Anthem, ICC CWC 2015’,

What were you thinking? Did you even care? Forget about the many great versions we have and an even bigger potential to have more; have you never heard even the official staple version played by the Indian Defence Forces band at national events like the Republic Day?  Or did you discount its grandeur thinking it’d be of no consequence? Or did you assume that the terrible production quality and aesthetic lowness of  the version you pedestalled will not be noticed in the middle of all the frenzy and euphoria of the World Cup? That might have worked in your favour and rightly so; it’s an India vs Pak! All we care about is who wins, again, rightly so.

Some of us here are really disappointed at the arbitrariness of your selection. The least you could have done is played a recording of the staple version; or reached out to any of the top 5 production labels in India and churned out a respectable quality National Anthem resounding of its true opulence.

Sorry to say, but I could smell the usual sarkaari indifference and opacity in your selection. Please note, these are not the times for a chalta hai mindset.

– From Every Indian who noticed the National Anthem


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